Stuck in Switzerland

It all began with a morning email saying that the Brussels Airport had been bombed. We had parked our car in the Express/VIP Parking of the Airport, since we were running late to catch the EasyJet flight to Geneva- meaning it was the closest parking space to the airport. We immediately checked our flight info, and the flight had been cancelled. So there we were, just a night before leaving Leysin, and with no return flight, and that… was not the worst! We had left the keys to our apartment inside of the car, which was unreachable!

We couldn’t believe it, we didn’t know what to do… so immediately we started looking for options! The restaurant dinner was delicious, but hard to digest with the news… For the first time in our lives we were having proscioutto!!! Beef proscioutto with melon!!! and so, we decided to have the nice dinner and leave the planning for later…


EasyJet refunded us, and we bought new tickets from Zurich to Cologne Airport. The next day, we departed from beautiful Leysin and took the train to Zurich. After spending the day there, wandering the beautiful pedestrian street of Bahnhofstrasse and eating an amazingly delicious Raclette and Fondue at the Raclette Stube!


The next day, we took a flight to Cologne. In there, we needed to rent an automatic car, since Jaime is not familiarized with manual driving… and they were no other cars, but a Mercedez Class E!!! However, the guy felt sympathy for us and decided to give us a really good price! So there we were, on our way back home in the beautiful vehicle, driving back to Maastricht and when we finally arrived, we thanked for being safe in our apartment- which we managed to enter with an extra key that Anette, the landlady managed to leave to our kind neighbors, the Stewarts.

BUT… how did it go in Leysin? or how did we even get there in the first place?

Well, Beca had studied in Leysin, the French part of Switzerland, in a high school called LAS, so we thought that we could go back there to enjoy the snow and do some skiing and snowboarding! We had visited Leysin last year, but only for a couple of hours, and it was mostly a short visit to Beca’s ex-school. So, after giving it much planning, we decided to take this trip.

We departed from Brussels airport and were thrilled to have chosen this airport- what an irony- since it had been only a one hour drive from Maastricht, and not more than two, like every time we had flown from Amsterdam. When we arrived to Geneva we took the train to Laussane and decided to spend the day there, it was beautiful and sunny! No wind there! We were simply happy! We walked around the streets full of fruits and flowers markets, saw the stunning Cathedral and Jaime even managed to get a cool hair cut there- the experiences with hair cuts in Maastricht had been awful. After spending most of the day there, we decided to continue with our travel, so we took our suitcase out of the train station’s locker and went to Aigle by train. After arriving there, we took the little train that took us all up the big mountain, allowing us to enjoy magnificent views from the Swiss Alps and the gorgeous Chateaux de Chillon.


We finally made it up to Leysin, and after arriving to the Alpine Classic Hotel, in which Beca had stayed 13 years ago- and looked the same by the way, except for the nice and just remodeled restaurant- we headed to The Fromagerie, the best restaurant of the little village. We enjoyed watching how they made fresh cheese in a huge iron pot, a tradition that has been alive for centuries. We had the tastiest and  freshest fondue ever, and as a dessert, we savored delicious home made merengues with cream!!!


We woke up the next morning and enjoyed the tobogganing! The funniest and craziest experience we could think of! We had never done that before, we were just like a bunch of wild kids rolling down the snow-made slides in a big plastic donut! We couldn’t have had enough of that!


But, it was time to go skiing! So we made it to Plan Praz, were Jaime and Jack practiced some skiing…  we then went to Beca’s favorite place, La Croissanterie, which is really called La Farandole, but everyone knows it like that in LAS so she calls it La Croissanterie.  We had the typical Marseille warm panini with curry chicken and goat melted cheese… yummy! and to top it up… the incomparable Belgian type waffle… gauffre! topped with ice cream and chocolate, which is really to die for!


We spent the rest of our stay enjoying the village, doing ice skating, and of course hitting up the slopes of the beautiful Berneuse mountain with its unique turning restaurant, Le Kuklos! Where the views are simply breath taking.


Our little Jack also went up the lift and managed to ski down the slopes of Sunny Side, Beca got on the snowboard once again, and Jaime did an extraordinary first time skiing- after slightly slipping backwards with the skis onto the frozen lake, which signaled “danger” – oops!


Of course we couldn’t miss the classical stop to the local supermarket, where we stacked ourselves with Swiss chocolates- Frey, Lindt, Cailler!!! and Beca’s new favorite product, Volvic mint tea.

It was amazing to be there, and for Beca it meant a lot to be back in those slopes after 13 years, and living once again in that village, where nothing had changed… even if it was just for a short period. Beca shared how thankful she was for being back there, she realized how time goes by so fast and most of all, the importance of seizing each day as if there was no tomorrow…


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  1. Yan Yongliang says:

    Lovely and happy family! You guys did spend wonderful time during your vacation, though it was always threatened by the bombing in Brussels. But that’s the meaning of a trip, you never know what will happen exactly in the next minute, and it makes life interesting. ^_^


    1. jaimeandbeca says:

      Thanks Leo for following our story! You are totally right, life is unexpected, I guess that is what makes it so intriguing!


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