Aachen by mistake

Jack decided he wanted to have Pizza, which is strange, because he doesn’t really like it… so we googled Pizza Hut, and the closest one to us was in Aachen- a German small city close to the Dutch border. As we were already going there and Jack fell asleep in the car, we decided to go grocery shopping for the week.

Supermarkets in Maastricht are not as we were used to in Mexico, they are relatively small in comparison to the American or Mexican ones, and they only have basically two chains, Albertheijn and Jumbo. While in Germany there is a bigger selection of supermarket chains and they hold a bigger variety of items, so we have opted for going to Aachen lately. None the less, we had never been anywhere in Aachen, but the Kaufland itself.

After shopping, we GPS’d the Pizza Hut and we started driving, we began to see the city and casually arrived to the city center. We parked the car and walked toward the Pizza Hut- Jack was biking- however that was already closed, or we never found it. We were starving, it was already 18.00 and we had only had breakfast at 9.00! As much as we wanted to stroll the beautiful cobblestone streets, we needed to have some food first! But, we didn’t really know where to eat! So, all of a sudden, Sausalitos came to us as a gift from heaven! There was no need of understanding German, because all of the dishes were Mexican! Tacos, Fajitas, Nachos, Enchiladas! We immediately sat down and ordered. We were in our “safe zone”, and it was the first time in nine months since we actually had “Mexican” food in a restaurant.


We toured around the small and beautiful city center, which we did not have planned at all or even had considered to do when going there. We found out that Aachen was home for the oldest Cathedral of Northern Europe, the Aachener Dom, which it even is listed in the UNESCO’s world heritage sites. We loved it! It had a unique charm, small boutiques all over, with a combination of old sites, it was big and small at the same time, it had a distinctive vibe.,



So bizarre, that when driving back home, we even passed by the red light district by mistake- apparently the red light district is not only in Amsterdam- there were ladies inside glass doors and all the street was illuminated by red lights.

We learned that getting lost is not that bad after all, it can open a door for new adventures and experiences. If we wouldn’t have began the Pizza Hut search mission, we would have never visited this beautiful place otherwise, which we had no idea was a must see when in this part of Europe.


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