THE ultimate list: How to dress up properly for EXTREME COLD?

  1. The BASE LAYER is the most important thing you need to wear.

    Our experience with was magnificent, as for the adults we got the 100% Merino Wool Thermal set which included pants and a long sleeve round neck shirt. We absolutely loved them, they were comfortable, warm and most importantly they did not itch! And for kids we got separate pants and long sleeve shirts, which were made from a mix between Merino Wool and Silk, Jack never complained about being cold or itching, we would recommend them both.


    This is basically a 100% polyester or also known as “fleece” garment which keeps you warm and comfortable. So any fleece pants and sweater will be perfect as long as they are a 100% polyester and no cotton.


    In here we went just for snow pants as bottoms and good snow jackets as tops. For adults we had the North Face Thermoball Snow Triclamate Parka, which is an excellent choice because the outter part is removable in case you get too warm in it! As for Jack, he had the Columbia Shreddin Jacket which is amazing because it even has an outgrow with me feature which allows the Jacket to become bigger as the kid grows. As for pants, Jack had a one piece pant set which also covered his back and had a zipper in the front. It was a good choice since it allowed for the jacket to go inside and then the suspenders would not allow for any snow to get inside of the snow suit. The only down with this is, that of course it is a little bit harder to un-zipper when in toilet need ha ha! We would still stick to this though, we believe it is the best bet for kids. As for adults, Jaime had the exact same version as Jack but for adults, and Beca had only pants but she bought additional suspenders to keep the pants a little bit tighter, anyways the Columbia Bugaboo Pant has an adjustable waist inside mechanism which makes them really comfortable and warm.


    Jaime and Jack had Burton mittens while Beca had Burton gloves, all versions had a 100% silk inner glove, followed by a touch screen grip outer layer. Beca has always been a Burton fan, so she did not want to risk it. Plus Jack’s were penguin figured, which made them more attractive for him.


    We believe that if your feet are cold, the rest of your body will be cold as well. This is why we decided to cover our feet properly with woolen socks, but the good thing is that today technology is so advanced that there is no more need for thick and itchy woolen socks as in the past! Our experience with SmartWool socks was really good, they kept us warm and they were not thick. They have them in different lengths, so it depends on the shoe that you will be using. But a MUST have!

  6. BOOTS

    We all had snow boots! for adults we had a great experience with Columbia Bugaboot Plus III Titanium Outdry Omni-Heat, which is easy to put on and take out, not complicated to lace and quite comfortable for walking. Snow never went inside the boot nor we were cold with these, they even said that they keep your feet warm on temperatures as low as -32 Celsius degrees. As for kids, Jack had the Sorel Youth Cub Warm Winter Boot, which is easy to put on and adjust, as you just pull the lace and they are as tight as the kid wants them to be. Snow did not go inside his boot nor he complained about heaviness of the boot since it was quite light.

  7. BUFF HOODS or Balaclavas

    We all had the Buff hoods and we thank for them! They can be adjusted in many ways and they can cover as much as you want, from only your neck, to your head or even cheeks or nose, plus they are light and soft! The kids version comes with Disney or Marvel characters as designs, so Jack did not hesitate to put it on! Plus they are so thin, that if there is a need to put your hat on, it will not make it mission impossible! Jack also had a balaclava that he used only once, both are good options!

  8. HATS

    Beca and Jack had full hats, meaning that theirs covered also their ears and could be adjusted under their chins, while Jaime had just a beanie. We considered that to be enough!

  9. HAND warmers

    We got several packs of Hot Hands hand warmers, which last up to 10 hours and are individually packed, they are light and always great to have with you in case it gets too cold! They also can be placed on the feet or cheeks or even in the pockets. It’s like having a piece of glory when you hold the hand warmers in the coldness!

  10. Goggles or Sunglasses

    Even though it is cold, sometimes the sun does come out quite strongly and the snow reflects harshly on your eyes. Furthermore, if it starts snowing these are a great way to protect your eyes from snow coming into your eyes, and especially if you are doing snow sports. So, always great to have with you! Jack and Jaime had just sunglasses, while Beca had Oakley goggles which she could tie to her helmet when snowboarding in case she was not using them.

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