Giethoorn: Holland’s best kept secret… a MUST visit!

A mom and friend of Jack’s school had told us about a little town in the Northern part of The Netherlands… Giethoorn. None the less, we didn’t look into it too much, so the advise just stayed untouched…

It was until a video started to go viral on Facebook that we really got interested in visiting “The Venice of the North”.

We looked at the weather forecast, and it said SUNNY! 27 degrees Celsius… So we decided to drive there, finally!!!

After driving for two hours from Holland’s southern part (Maastricht), watching beautiful landscapes, seeing cows, sheep, horses, asparagus fields, strawberry fields and lavender all over the place… We finally made it!

It really was like not being in The Netherlands that we had been living in… It was completely different!

There was nature all over, yachts, boats, kids, dogs, bikes and love! Love was all over the place! We could feel the fantastic vibe flying into the pure air and flowing into the clear bright blue sky.

We parked the car and entered the town by foot. We decided to rent a boat, with a wheel. Jaime took the lead and was the captain of the boat, Trufa was sitting with Jack in the first row, while Beca was in the middle of the boat.

We started to bump into everything, we were inexperienced boat drivers! But after a while Jaime became the expert. We were going into the  canals, watching the beautiful houses- well, some of them had a mushroom appearance, with a funny ceiling made out of nothing we had ever seen before until arriving in The Neherlands- but still even those had their charm! One even looked like a dog, with eyes, a nose and a mouth…

After a while, we ended up in a huuuuge lake! There were people with boats all over the place, dogs and kids running around, music playing and the sun shining on top of us! It was fantastic! Jack had his feet in the water and was laughing and feeling joy coming out of his heart! He even started to yell “we are free!!” We guess that the experience of just being out there in the open made him feel exhilarated!

After being in the boat for two hours, we decided to return it and to grab a bite.

We entered a fish shop, which had probably the freshest fish in town! They had herring and it was cool to see how they prepared it in a different way than in those Amsterdam trucks. Jack ate fish and pickles, actually just one huge pickle! It was really delicious!!!

After strolling the town by foot for a while, and loving every corner of it, we decided that it was time for us to go back. It was 19.00 already, but the sun was still shining as when we arrived there…

Giethoorn had the best mixture ever, it was like being in South Beach, Venice, and a bunch of other places at the same time, but still not quite! It was unique… Definitely a well hidden secret, and a true Dutch treasure! A MUST in every Netherlands visit!!!

Thank you Alexandra!

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