Mörsdorf: A charming German village 

As we had been living with the clouds for the past couple of days (literally), because the weather had been bad in our surrounding area, we decided to explore Germany.

After driving for 2 hours, and leaving the clouds behind, we arrived in sunny Mörsdorf.

Mörsdorf is a little village located in the  northern part of Hunsrück, between the Dünnbach valley in the east, and the Flaumbach valley in the west. Reads pretty much like nature everywhere, doesn’t it?

When we arrived there, we started walking toward the Geierlay suspension bridge, which is 360 meters long and 100 meters high and is located above the Geierlay Canyon. While walking we saw beautiful, typical and old German houses, it was a pintoresque town.

After a long walk we finally arrived to the suspension bridge. The excitement of just watching the long hanging bridge in front of us, and the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere was already thrilling.

We rushed ourselves to the bridge like young little rebels and started to feel the adrenaline heating up our bodies. We could feel the bridge moving with each of our steps. We where now literally in the middle of nowhere, just nature and us… and of course the crowd which was standing behind us, waiting for us to stop taking pictures so they could continue walking ).

We finally made it to the other side, and sat in a huge wooden chair – which jack called the chair of the world, just to contemplate the beautiful nature.

It was time to cross the bridge back and in the other end, we met and old time friend, Elena, which Beca had met in Japan, back in 2007, and her husband Lion. They both were waiting at the other end.

We all walked back to the car in order to head to Cochem. Unfortunately when we were about to arrive it started to rain. It really looked like the river was going to come into the highway, so we decided to go back. None the less, we got a good grasp of the region because we were able to see the beautiful landscape and the grape plantations.

We finally decided to stop for dinner in what looked to be a very typical german restaurant, which we enjoy very much. Weingut Castor turn out to be an awesome find.

We enjoyed three different types of flammkuchen, which is a pizza-like meal with a thin crust covered with different toppings. We also had a great cheese plater and of course jack had to have salmon!!! It was all worth the visit when we tried the amazing wines, probably one of the best we have ever tried since arriving in Maastricht.

We had a fantastic time! in the company of amazing friends.

Cheers to life!!!

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