Trash day in Maastricht! 

Here, in Maastricht, taking your trash out its an activity of its own.

Every Tuesday night we have to put the white and red bag in front of our apartment. In the beginning we couldn’t believe it! We were outraged! Having to put out the trash just once a week when in Mexico they picked it for us twice a day? We eventually learned how to cope with it, and after all we even learned to be more conscious about recycling and our environment. Sometimes Jack grabs boxes of carton and asks us not to throw them away, he then turns them into fun things, paints them and all, who would have imagined that toys could come for free?

So, every Wednesday morning the bags get picked up by the trash truck. At first we were very confused on what could go in the bag, we even got a fine for not sorting the trash correctly!!! Yes, the trash inspector of our zone told us that in a letter and over the phone- there is actually a trash inspector ha ha. We are supposed to put everything in the bag, except: glass (which is divided in clear and dark), drink cartons, cans, paper and carton.

For the things that cannot go in the bag, we need to walk to the special trashcans which are a couple of blocks away from were we live. Yes, at first we were upset with having to walk to the trashcans and carrying the trash all the way, later it became just part of our routines- like everybody else’s who lives in Maastricht.

These are huge bins in which the trash actually gets stored underground!

Later, a man comes in his truck and takes out his “game boy” to handle the machine that picks up the bin and empties the trash to just put it back in the ground! It looks like one of those machines in which you put a coin and then grab a stuffed toy! Ha ha

The reason we decided to write about such a simple thing, is because in Mexico we really never or seldomly realized how much food we were throwing away, the importance of recycling and just the fact that we have to follow the rules of the place we now live in, so in life it’s always better to adapt rather than fight the changes! Once we accepted that this was part of our activities, it stopped bothering us!

Here goes to changes 💪🏼


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