Stockholm: Best Things to Do in Stockholm

We flew from Charleroi Airport in Belgium to the Sweden Skavsta Airport, which is a 1 hour and 20 minutes bus ride away from Stockholm City. We exchanged Euros to Swedish Kronas in the Airport.

We stayed in a quite nice location, in the Östermalm district. A posh residential neighborhood which is trendy and popular, located in central Stockholm. It is filled with nice restaurants, clubs and cafes. We loved staying in that area!

We walked around its large, beautiful, green park called Humlegården. We were impressed with it! The spot and its surroundings were very alive, everyone was either running, biking, walking, having a drink, strolling their kids or simply eating at the restaurants. The design of the benches at the park was very unique and innovative, something very special.

We had dinner at an Italian restaurant called Brillo, it was spectacular! Swedish people are friendly and they all speak perfect English, so it’s easy to communicate with them. We had amazing lamb, fresh fish, pizza and a delicious Swedish apple cider!

The next day we jumped in the hop on- hop off bus. We are not sure if we would recommend this, the waiting times at each stop can be quite lengthy and the buses are really disorganized. If you don’t mind waiting for long periods of time, then this is an option. If not, we recommend using the public transportation which is faster, clean and very easy to use! We were enchanted by its easiness. We bought a card, tapped it with money and left the hop on bus after just a couple of stops… Plus the person that travels with a stroller can go for free in all of the buses, and public transportation tickets are valid for all means: tram, bus, metro and boat.

Our first stop was at the Royal Palace, were we got a grasp of … Hare Krishnas dancing and chanting all over … Not quite what we were expecting ha ha, but it added a twist to our visit.

We then moved along the popular street called Västerlånggatan, located in the old medieval city center, Gamla Stan- The Old Town. It was full of tourists (like ourselves), it’s pebbled stone streets were crowded by people lining of to get ice creams, we couldn’t avoid the temptation and got ourselves a treat. The ice cream cones are made freshly in there and one can see how they are prepared, the smell of cones is everywhere! We must admit that we tried probably the best salted caramel ice cream that we have ever tasted before! It was simply delicious!!!

We kept walking and encountered its narrowest street, Mårten Trotzigs Gränd, which is only 90cm wide.

After walking on its steep streets, we got to the Stortorget square, a little charming square with beautiful coloured houses.

We then hopped on the bus again and walked around the pedestrian street, Drottinggatan, which is a nice Shopping district. Just across, we visited the Hötorgshallen, the people’s market, not without having a fresh fish soup.

It can’t be ignored that we could see the Swedish charming designs almost everywhere, while walking around the streets. Including that of the Saluhall market and a big shopping department store called Åhléns, with amazing designs all over the store!

We had dinner at Gondolen, a delicious restaurant with amazing views, probably the best views in Stockholm!

On the next morning we headed again to the same place to view the lofty views during daytime. It was probably the best part of the trip! We could see Stockholm’s charm from above! Simply spectacular.

We didn’t enter the famous Vasa Museum, since we had limited time, nor the Abba museum.

We had a quick lunch at Max, a delicious hamburger place offering all sorts of fast food kinds, including veggie burgers and awesome milkshakes!!!

We then grabbed a taxi and headed to the Frihanmen port terminal, where our cruise, the Serenade of the Seas of Royal Caribbean was already docked, just to get our new adventures started … Helsinki, St. Petersburg, Tallin and Riga, await us!

After the cruise finished, one week after, we went off to Skansen, an open air museum which has a kids zoo inside and portraits the old Swedish lifestyle. The day was sunny and Jack enjoyed it quite a lot, it was specially nice for him! We could see Scandinavian animals and the typical Swedish playgrounds!

We also went to a nice shopping mall called the Gallerian.

We finished by having dinner at Jamie Oliver’s restaurant, Jamie’s Italian, it was nothing special…

We then departed to Denmark from Arlanda Airport by grabbing the flygabus once more, but which was only a 25 minute drive away from the city!

We loved Stockholm!!

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