Riga, Latvia… A gothic historical city with a modern touch

After arriving to Riga’s Old City Center and getting a glimpse of its modern part trough the bus that we took from the cruise port terminal to the Riga Palace, we were astonished!

The enormous monument that firstly caught our attention in the city center which is recognized as world heritage by the UNESCO, was the city hall square.

The more we walked, the more we realized that Riga’s architectural charm was implicit in every corner that we turned our heads to.
It really is something amazing! It’s size surely impacted us, but the fact that it said 1727 in it could show its old story printed all over it and its surroundings.

Riga is famous for its gothic architecture and also its art nouveau. The difference  between old and new Riga is really evident.

We decided to just stay in the old part of the city, and we walked around its cobbled stones streets, observing it’s different buildings. Some of them were truly majestic like the Barikades and the Latvija Kara Muzejs, while we could perceive the traces of oldness and Soviet legacy still around the place.

There were street vendors selling mostly Amber and wool, and cafes and shops all over.

Our visit to Riga was short and pleasant! It truly does have amazing buildings like the famous one with the cat on top… It turns out that Riga is famous for its black cats on its architecture.

We were mainly amazed by its churches and its mixed style which evoked a rich and old history.

It is sure worth a visit if you are nearby!

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