Copenhagen: Definitely worth a visit

Our first look of Copenhagen was the airport, an amazing and cool airport! We really liked it, it was like a shopping mall, with lots of stores but also quite charming. It had a very good advertising of the Copenhagen zoo, with all kind of ads, from roaring lions and tall giraffes in the luggage bags to kangaroo foot prints on the floor. It really got our attention, a fun way to receive your luggage!

To get to our hotel, the Copenhagen Marriott hotel which was situated in a very good location and not far from the center of the city, we jumped into a bus which took us there. So when we arrived there we decided just to stay in and order room service, it is an unusual thing for us to do but the hotel had such an amazing view and it was so comfortable that we decided to finally take a rest agent having travelled already for 10 days… To read more about the other travels make sure to read about Stockholm, Helsinki, Saint Petersburg, Tallin and Riga!

The first thing that we did on the next day of our arrival, was to grab a taxi to get the chance to see the change of guards at the Amaliesburg Palace at 12:00. Jack really wanted to experience this, so we rushed and got our first guided tour of Copenhagen. It was a good way of quickly being introduced to the area and to get to know some of its must visit places. The taxi driver was nice and explained many things to us, so there really could not have been a better option!

It was really crowded, but we enjoyed the spectacle.

We decided no to take the hop on and hop off bus this time, everything is within a reasonable walking distance. We had a sunny weather during our stay so that helped a lot, even if it can get windy sometimes, it is still a real good option to walk around, since the must visit sights are very close from one another.

Our first stop after the Palace was the Opera House, we managed to see it from the water and it was a good chance to hear some more history since when we stopped at a little crêpes places, a guide was explaining some ofCopenhagen’s  history. After that, we walked toward the monument of the little mermaid. She was in a rock seating, she is one of the most famous sights in Copenhagen.

Then we saw the beautiful Gefion fountain sorrounded by trees. It’s the biggest monument in the city. We threw a coin to make a wish, since it functions also as a wishing well.

To continue with our walk, we headed toward one of the most pictured sights in all Copenhagen and what was our idea of the city… Nyhavn, which is a canal with the colored painted houses. During our walk toward this sight we saw beautiful sights but this particular one was pretty amazing! It was an incredible view, sailing bots, painted houses, cafes on the shore and the canal. It can’t get more Danish than that! Of course wind was also blowing, ha ha.

At the end of the street we saw a beautiful monument the Charlottenborg Palace an impressive building.

While walking we saw an amazing building which is called Borsen, which is a historical building which was built more than 350 years ago, it is the biggest stock market in Copenhagen.

In our tour we got to the fanciest and most expensive street of the city, perfect to make some shopping. Many famous brands had its boutiques there! It really is the best shopping street, it is the longest shopping street in Europe! We saw firstly, the famous Royal Copenhagen store which is a very famous spot to buy Porcelain but also because the building is quite beautiful and old. After that we rushed into Lego, the best store, we were really impressed with it! It had amazing, huge figures made out of Legos and of course, all kind of Legos, from small to big bixes, from the Simpsons to Scandinavian animals, and from Ferraris to even monuments such as the London  Bridge. We were thrilled in the store and Jack was really excited. We got him 2 different Legos, small keychain with a flashlight and a container with the Lego figure with its matching drinking bottle. At the end of the street we arrived to a nice square called Kongens Nytorv.

We were starving because we hadn’t eaten anything, so we arrived to one the most famous bakeries in there, Lagkagehuset, which of course makes one of the best Danish pastries in Copenhagen. They were all kind of pastries and delicious! We tried some different flavors and finally got to try a real Danish pastry!

After fueling up we walked toward the Christianson palace, which is a beautiful building and we were impressed about a bear hanging  sculpture.

We continued toward the city hall, which was located in a huge square with lots of buildings and we experienced a great sight. We also saw the Carlsberg Glypothek, yeah the famous beer is from Denmark!

Finally we arrived to the Tivoli Gardens, it is a big park for kids and grown ups, it had some mechanical games and lots of attractions. And besides that is the Nimb hotel, which is a very beautiful building with a Moroccan architectural style.

To switch things a little bit and since we had not really eaten American good since our move to The Netherlands, we decided to go to TGI Fridays for dinner.

On our next day, we rushed into Restaurant called Andersen bakery, which is one of the most renknkwn places for having a typical Dannish breakfast, we now understand how people do it there! We got the Dannish package, which included a salty bread which could be any of the different breads that they had there, from rye to sour dough and even apple juice bread; which was accompanied with butter, cheese slices and raspberry marmalade; and a Dannish pastry! We had different ones, cheese, raspberry and chocolate flavors. So after making sure to get our Danish breakfast before we went from Copenhaguen we walked around our hotel, and it’s playground for Jack to have some fun at.

After a couple of hours we headed to Noma, one of the best restaurants in the world, which was an amazing and delicious experience which is surely worth a try! You can read about the entire experience in the blog post about Noma.

We were enchanted with Copenhagen’s magnificent buildings, great shops, monuments and we enjoyed our stay very much. It is a place worth a visit! At least a place to visit once in ones lifetime!

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