Kinderdijk: It does not get more Dutch than this…

After being for almost two years living in The Netherlands, we still had not visited THE Dutchest place of all: Kinderdijk!!!

kinderdijk roterdam

So, during National Windmill Day – yes, there is such thing in here ha ha- we decided to drive for almost 2 hours in order to get to this amazing place. We arrived to Kinderdijk parking and then it was just a short walk to see the Kinderdijk Windmills.



kinderdijkparkingkinderdijk adres


Kinderdijk: a small village that was built around 1740 in order to keep the land from flooding, a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, and one of the most tourstic places in The Netherlands, given that it is the place which concentrates the highest number of windmills in the country, hosting 19 of them.

kinderdijk tour

kinderdijk windmills

With canals all over the place and Kinderdijk windmills in the back, this place made us live a very special experience, and took us back to the old Dutch times in which the people were living like this…

kinderdijk windmillkinderdijkwindmill

Beautiful sceneries and its surrounding nature- which is home to ducks, cows and other animals- make the place worth visiting! And also typical Dutch Kinderdijk weather.

kinderdijk netherlands

We were able to enter into two different kinds of windmills- a rounded one and a squared one-, in where we could see how families lived, and of course got to climb the famous Dutch steep and narrow stairs… we could get a sense of how they spent their everyday life in there, cooking, sleeping, working and dressing… it was an incredible experience inside the Kinderdijk windmills!

kinderdijk waterbus



Of course we did not miss the chance to see the famous Dutch wooden clogs, and we came out very happy after living such a fantastic experience!


kinderdijk map

Kinderdijk is surely a must visit place for everyone planning a visit to The Netherlands, or simply an escapade to getting a Dutch vibe for a kick in !!!

kinderdijk ferry

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