Stunning Prague, All about its views

Spring had finally arrived, and with it a long awaited trip finally happened! We decided to take our first actual roadtrip! And… off we went to Prague, Vienna and Budapest.

Our first stop, Prague! After driving all across Germany, being in the car for more than 8 hours, and enjoying multiple flower fields, we finally arrived to Prague – at 12 at night…

On the next day, we started our tour in the city center. Suddenly, we saw a multitude gathering and we did not understand what was going on! Until… we finally got to hear and see the “show” that happens every hour at the Astronomical Clock. So, everyone stops there to observe how the clock changes from one hour to another. Apostols start to come out of the inside of the clock and many different sounds- like trumpets- start playing. It is something special, it really remarks the concept of time…

We continued walking, and we passed through the Jewish quarter (Josefov), where we saw the beautiful synagogue. We then went into the carridge which was pulled by two beautiful horses, we went around the center and got to see the famous shopping street and Prague’s old town square, which was gothic. Also, we were quite impressed by St. Vitus Cathedral.

Visit Prague

Of course we tried the famous Kremrole and Trdelnik (Prague’s typical breads), delicious by the way…

Kremrole Prague

After that, we continued with our walk – do be prepared to walk in Prague, we really walked a lot!

We saw the dancing houses- a building with a very unique architecture and the Danube River and its amazing views when crossing the bridge. We saw a park and we decided to have some rest, it was a nice experience, many locals were hanging out there, having picnics and children were running around, we just lied down to enjoy the sun and feel Spring at its fullest since it was a beautiful day.

jaime cherem abadi

We then headed to one of Prague’s most iconic attractions, the Charles Bridge! Which allows for an amazing view! In there, people were selling art and painting cartoons… The best bet to take a good picture is to arrive there very early in the morning or late in the evening, as it does get very crowded.

Charles Bridge.jpg

Before moving on, and since we were already starving, we entered a little place that we came across with… this little place had fresh juices, bread and other home made delicacies… we had different sandwiches and they were delicious. We later found out that Cukrkavalimonada is a top rated place among locals, do not miss it!

Eating In Prague.jpg

Then, we went to see the Lennon wall, which represents a symbol of global ideals such as love and peace.

Lennon Wall.jpg

All streets were cobble-stoned, with differents sizes of stones, it gave the place a unique romantic vibe. We wanted to go to the Prague castle, and after a million stairs, we finally made it! We enjoyed seeing the (Vyšehrad) Castle and the Parlament, with its beautiful construction. None the less, what is worth the most of going up there is the views that you get to see from there!


We enjoyed the most beautiful views of Prague while whitnessing the sunset on the red roofs… THIS was worth the whole visit to Prague! It really looked just amazing, the buildings had incredible decorations and after seeing this, we realized why everyone kept telling us about Prague’s beauty, which we had lacked up to this moment… This was really Prague’s cherry on top!


When we went down of the Castle, we accidentally took a wrong passage and ended up in the skirts of the Danube river! What a beautiful mistake we made, because it was one of the most amazing moments of our trip! We got to see Prague from the Danube and its swimming swans and flying birds did make up for a very romantic and breath taking setting. We got to see Prague from the bottom, very different from the view we had experienced before… but with another amazing view.


While in there, we asked a person to take a picture of us, it turned out he was a local and he recommended a restaurant for us… U Parlamentu, which had typical local food. We walked to that restaurant and we ate the typical Prague Goulash… An excellent option!



During our next day we had an amazing breakfast at the Bake Shop- a retro bistro with an incredible vibe- we had eggs  and a delicious bread with poppy seed, we also enjoyed huge meringues- their specialty. We later had a stroll through Wenceslas square, and finally we finished our visit, with the Franz Kafka Metamorphosis scultpture.


Prague is with no doubt every different from Western Europe, and definetly worth a visit. Its amazing views and pintoresque setting make it a top in our list! So, don’t forget to take your Czech Crowns or take them out of the ATM, and head to Prague if you want to experience  a very different city in Europe.


And perhaps… even let your imagination fly with a cup of Absinthe -the green fairy hallucinogenic drink…


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