Delightful Vienna

Vienna’s Must Visit Attractions and Vienna’s Best Restaurants

Are you wondering what to do in Vienna? What are Vienna’s must visit attractions or you are simply looking for the best restaurants in Vienna? Well, here is our experience!

One thing we learned in Vienna is that glamour has simply no limits, even Wiener Schnitzel is bubbly in there!

Wiener Schnitzel

In Vienna, there is simply no chance for bad looks, and when we mean none, it really means not at all… ha ha

Its lavish cakes which makes your mouth water simply by staring at them through the cafe windows, its ornamental buildings that allow you to time travel simply by looking at them, and its splendorous charming vibe that makes you fall in love with Vienna at first sight. So we must admit it, we did fall in love with Vienna!

Visit Vienna

Our first stop during our trip was to have an amazing dinner, of course, a Wiener Schnitzel!¬† It was soooo tasty, bobbly, inflated, and crunchy but yet soft… it was simply a delight to our palates! And to top the experience off, it came with a fresh and delicious cranberry sauce on the side, really to die for!

We always had thought that Wiener Schnitzel was eaten with ketchup, and the color looked much like it, but actually, in Vienna it is typically eaten with a cranberry sauce, to our very nice surprise! So next time you think of adding ketchup to your Wiener Schnitzel, think twice ūüėČ

Eating in Vienna

We visited Vienna in May, but the weather was already quite warm. So, as we were very thirsty, we decided to try a local recommendation, the refreshing tea from the house, a magnificent delicacy. Every sip felt like glory!

After finishing our dinner we decided to walk around the city center, we saw beautiful buildings, including the Vienna Opera. It was an incredible feeling to walk around the stores, which would have Mozart’s face or even souvenirs dedicated to Mozart, even though he was from Salzburg, the feeling of being in Vienna and being reminded of Mozart was simply fantastic.

Mozart Vienna

On the next day, we headed up to the Schonbrunn Palace¬†meaning “beautiful spring”. There was a very big line to buy entry tickets for the Schonbrunn Palace, so we really advice you to buy them online before visiting Vienna.¬† But, anyways, we were lucky enough and even though the¬†Schonbrunn Palace was really crowded with a long queue we managed to buy tickets and get in.

We got the Golden Pass, that allows you to visit both the Schonbrunn Palace and the Vienna Zoo, which is officially called Tiergarten Schönbrunn, so if you want to visit both places, this is the best option.

Schonbrunn Palace

With amazing decorations and a rich history of Vienna inside, it is really a true royal experience to walk around the very many different rooms and grand-salons. The best is that you get an audioguide in your desired language, and you can understand some of the fascinating happenings that occurred in the same place that you are visiting.

After visiting the interior of the¬†Schonbrunn Palace, we went to visit the stunning gardens that lie just outside. They are huge and beautiful, with a labyrinth inside and even with an animal zoo, the¬†Tiergarten Sch√∂nbrunn!!! Isn’t this just a dream? Palace, garden, zoo? It is a guaranteed day of fun for all family members, with all sorts of likings!

labyrinth Schonbrunn

Well, we do need to admit that we were kind of lost inside – as the place is humongous- until we finally arrived to Neptune’s Fountain,¬† which sprayed a light fresh water breeze that helped us ease the warmth of the hot weather.

Must Do In Vienna

After quite a long but fascinating stroll, we entered to the¬†Tiergarten Sch√∂nbrunn, which is the biggest zoo in Europe! We were fascinated, we were able to see a lot of different species of animals, and even here, Vienna’s elegancy makes its stand, as the place inside was decorated in a very lavish way.

We saw Pandas, Koalas, and a very big variety of other animals. There were also a lot of animal shows, and people around holding some of the animals for you to take a closer look. It truly is one of the best zoo¬īs in Europe.

Best Of Vienna.jpg

During the evening, we met Beca’s friend, Milena. She recommended a very local and tasty cafe, were we experienced some of the best cakes that we have ever tasted! We went to a very famous place called Cafe Central, which is famous because they bake their own pastries, and also, because it served as a historical meeting point for several leaders.

Vienna Top Ten

After waiting in the very long queue we managed to seat and enjoy the very special Viennese cake, which was sort of pieces of fried dough with a berry sauce on top. It was tasty and fun to eat.

Cafe Central Vienna

We also tried another different cake, which was small, beautiful and delicious! All which matched the beautiful ceilings of the place, that were absolutely stunning.

Cheap Places To Eat In Vienna

After having a sweet Viennese treat, we continued to explore Vienna by walking around Vienna. We saw Vienna’s Parliament and walked around the famous Vienna’s Ring.

Vienna Must See.jpg

During our last night in Vienna, we (almost) deligthed the very the famous Vienna Sausage, too bad Trufa was the only one who could eat the Vienna Sausage made out of pork and beef. We could tell that they were as delicious as they looked, just by the look of the people that were tasting them in there.

Vienna Sausage.jpg

However, we did get the chance to try the huge pickled cucumbers, that splashed with every bite, they were amazing.

Vienna Top Restaurants.jpg

Finally, we had dinner at a branch and more modern version of the very classic restaurant called Figlmuller, as they serve a pork based Wiener Schnitzel, and actually the original is made out of veal. So, we were lucky to have a table in Lugeck. We had great food recommendations from our waiter and decided not only to try the famous Wiener Schitzel with cranberry sauce, but also, a the typical dish- Vienna Goulash- which was boiled beef and boiled beef rib meat in a pot with roast potatoes, very nicely served and nice to taste.

Vienna Must Eat

Before we left Vienna, we couldn’t go without first trying to Vienna’s famous Cafe Mozart. We had eggs for breakfast, and coffee and dessert to close things up. Yes, that was the very famous Viennese Apple Strudel with vanilla sauce, which had an amazing taste, very delicious.

Vienna is without a doubt, a true delight to visit, learn from history, and eat great! It is almost as if it would be the cherry on top of Europe’s traveling.

Cafe Mozart Vienna.jpg

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  1. Carly | says:

    That traditional cake looks spectacular!


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      Hello Carly!
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