Zaanse Schans: Zandaam Windmills, a Typical Dutch Experience for a Day!

Mid-October and for the first time since we moved to The Netherlands, the summer seems not to be going anywhere since it was 27 Celsius degrees today!

As an excuse to enjoy the amazing sun and warm weather we decided to hit the road and visit one of the must touristic places in The Netherlands… Zaanse Schans! The Zaandam Windmills!

The old Dutch village is very charming and nice to visit! Especially because you get to see many typical Dutch things in one site alone! So, cheese tasting, chocolate making, and even clog shopping.

Zaanse Schans is just a short 30 min drive from Amsterdam, and once you are there, it is like if you really go back in time to see how Dutch people used to live.

It is very nice to see the typical wooden clogs, the Dutch typical clothing, and to understand the thinking behind windmills.

Dutch wooden shoes

So basically, when you enter the area, the Zaanse Schans Museum is the first thing that you see, and also in there, there is the chocolate and biscuit factory. Were you can see how chocolate and biscuits are manufactured and even play some games which are fun for kids.

If you walk further, you enter a small village, which is perfect for sightseeing. In here, there are many shops or workshops as they call them, in which you get to experience different typical Dutch things. For example Dutch cheese tasting.

Zaanse Schans Windmills

Throughout the whole village you can see different windmills and also very typical Dutch houses.

Of course there are plenty of canals and green areas as well.

The smell of chocolate will be your companionship throughout your visit, as really almost the whole village smells deliciously like chocolate!

And in the several small workshops/museums you get to taste or try different things:

In the Bakery, there are Specaloos, the most typical Dutch cookies.

Zaanse Schans Windmills

In the clogs’ one, you can see how wooden typical clogs are made and there are hundreds of styles for you to choose from. Just outside of the shop, there is a giant wooden clog for you to step in and take a memorable photo. And also, a must photo site with many clogs that are hung to the wall.

What to see in Zaanse Schans

In the cacao lab that smells delicious… you get to make your own piece of chocolate and also your own hot or cold chocolate drink!

In the cheese farm you can feed the goats and chickens and try different kinds of Dutch cheese. From pesto cheese to smoked jalapeño and everything in between!

And of course in the whole village you can buy souvenirs from Holland to make the visit even more touristic ha ha

Zaanse Schans is surely worth a quick visit! Since it gives you the chance to experience the Dutch culture and to enjoy the Dutch “countryside”.

What to Do in Amsterdam

So if you would like to truly experience the Dutch-ness even for a day, make sure you pay Zaanse Schans a visit!

And if you are eager for more, you can then go to Kinderdijk! Were you can also see a very wide variety of Dutch Windmills!

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