Rheinfall: Rhine Falls in Switzerland

A Swiss wonder around the Zürich area is the Rheinfall or Rhine Falls, which can easily be done in a Day trip from Zürich!

The Rhine Falls are the largest waterfalls in Switzerland!

Rheinfall is the result of the inflow of water from the Lake Constanza.

It truly is an incredible gift from nature. It is simply amazing to enjoy how the water falls with such rapidness and pressure, and feeling embraced by such wonder.

It is very easy to get to the Rhine Falls address by car or by train. Actually, you can even see the train passing by on the distance when watching the waterfalls. But, if you decide to take a day trip from Zürich by car, parking is free or you can also take a daytrip from Lucerne.

Rhine Falls Zurich

Once you arrive to the Rheinfall you need to purchase an entrance ticket (5€) to actually go in and be able to watch the falls. There is a crystal elevator which allows you to enjoy the views from the top, or you can also take the stair path, which is the nicest way to really enjoy the visit.

No need to worry about not having Swiss Francs to pay for the entrance, as they accept credit cards and euros… well, and of course Swiss francs, he he

After walking down for a few steps you can stop on each level to enjoy a closer view of the waterfalls.

The main attraction of the Rhine Falls is riding the boat that goes around the waterfall. You do need to buy an extra ticket for that, and the price is different depending how close the boat gets to the Rheinfall.

Rhine Falls Tickets

The most expensive one being the one that takes you to the middle of the waterfall, and leaves you on a rock that has a stair which allows you to climb and get wonderful views from the waterfall.

We took that one! and it was very exciting to be in the middle of the waterfall on top of a rock. The adrenaline was definitely rushing through our bodies! Definitely worth it!

Rhine Falls Boat

Don’t miss this fantastic place, after all, the Rhine Falls are the largest in Europe!

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