Stein am Rhein: A Lovely Daytrip From Zurich

On our way to Zürich we stopped in a very charming and medieval village. Probably one of the best well conserved towns in Europe, Stein and Rhine.

Stein am Rhein things to do

The charm can be seen from the moment you enter. The big tower clock that welcomes you into what really looks like a world of fantasy.

Stein Am Rhein Attractions.JPG

Not only the cobblestone streets, but the houses that transport you to a place that we have only seen in our imagination.

The houses are kept since medieval times, paintings are seen in the walls and roofs of the small houses, wooden doors, each of them with a unique charm, none of them resemble the other.

The most famous building is also one of the prettiest, the Radhausplatz.


If you wonder around you will even end up seeing the fantastic lake with a view.

Stein Am Rhein Lake.JPG

The small medieval village deserves a short visit but it surely transport you to a big world of eye pleasure.

Stein Am Rhein Switzerland.JPG

On your drive back you can see the lavander fields, to top your experience it looks amazing!

Stein Am Rhein Tourism.JPG

Stein Am Rhein, a lovely medieval town perfect for a daytrip from Zurich.

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