Colmar, A Colorful Town In The French Alsace

One of the most beautiful places in France is the Alsace region. And, one of its best kept secrets is the lovely city of Colmar; home of the French sculptor of the Statue of Liberty, Frederic Auguste Bartholdi.

What To Do In Colmar

If you are wondering what to see in Colmar in one day, here are our suggestions!

With beautiful, typical Alsatian houses that exhibit gorgeous flowers on the balconies, and “Le Petite Venise”, Colmar is just a perfect spot for a picture perfect and romantic setting.

What To See In Colmar.jpg

Colmar is really one of the best picturesque places we have visited. Its unique and beautiful architecture make it worth visiting, and it is very easy to visit Colmar in one day!

Easily reached by car, your only challenge will be to find a parking spot (and believe it, it will be a tough one ha ha), but after that… everything will be within walking distance.

The best things to do in Colmar in one day:

Without a doubt a must visit attraction in Colmar is the beautiful Le Petite Venise or little Venice. With its canals and even boat rides, it is sure a favorite spot for tourists. Do not miss the obligated picture in there!

What To See In Colmar

One of the most impressive buildings to see in Colmar is the Ancienne Douane building, which really takes you back in time by just seeing it. Its gothic architecture can be observed, but its green color take you to the Renaissantist times. We really enjoyed this!

Ancienne Douane Colmar.jpg

Another must see attraction in Colmar is the Maison Pfister, which was built in 1537! The architecture of this truly unique building is renascentist, definitely worth a picture.

Maison Pfister Colmar

La Maison des Têtes is one of our favorite things to see in Colmar, as it has 106 carved stone heads on its facade, hence, the name. Are you up for feeling observed? ha ha, do not miss it!

La Maison des Têtes Colmar

Okay, now comes a favorite spot in Colmar! The Musée Bartholdi! We are sure you have heard or visited the Statue of Liberty in New York, well, guess who designed it? Frederic Auguste Bartholdi. And, Colmar is his home town. In Musée Bartholdi you get to see some of the essence of the famous French sculptor who gave the iconic Statue of Liberty to the world.

Musée Bartholdi Colmar

Don’t leave Colmar without having a snack or some gourmet shopping at the Marché couvert, an indoor food market were you can find vegetables, fruits, charcuterie, bread and of course the typical Bretzel and Alsacean Cheeses! The market offers a small but nice variety, it will make it hard for you to want to leave…

Marché couvert Colmar

Colmar’s city center is fantastic to walk around.  Its narrow streets, and its unique boutiques and houses, all have a very particular architecture. You will enjoy it for sure!

Colmar Attractions .jpg

The food is definitely a highlight in Colmar. But, that is probably not a surprise, since Colmar is in France after all…

Colmar is famous  for its bretzel which is a pretzel, but it can even have cheese on it! And you can warm it up for the cheese to melt! It is really mouth watering! They have different cheese options, like goat cheese, emmental, and more… so make sure you choose your favorite one!

Bretzel Colmar.jpg

Charcuterie is also popular in Colmar, there are several options that are worth to try.

Kugelhopf is a tasty bundt cake with almonds, that is also typical from the region!

Kugelhopf Colmar

Do not miss the chance to try the Pain d’épices or pain d’épice spice bread, which is a typical treat around Christmas time. And of course, the nougats, typical from this region.

Pain d'épices Colmar

Lastly, a favorite from the region is the Tarte flambée, which resembles a pizza. But, do not confuse them, and have a bite!

Colmar sure deserves a visit while visiting the Alsace region, and if you are looking for options on what to do around Colmar, the good news is that Colmar is just a 40 min drive from Strasbourg! which is one of our favorite cities in France, and one that you must not miss.

Au revoir Colmar!

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