Tulip Season in Holland: Keukenhof Gardens and Tulip Fields

One of the things that we had heard about the most, even before moving to The Netherlands, was tulips, tulip fields, and tulip gardens. But, since we arrived in the summer, we did not see many tulips in The Netherlands, so we started to wonder why? Then, we realized that you can only see tulips in Holland during tulip season in the Netherlands, which is basically in Spring. And, even if it sounds strange, The Netherlands is not the same as Holland, Holland is only the Northern part of The Netherlands, which comprises only the provinces of Noord-Holland and Zuid-Holland.

Where to See Tulips in Holland

Tulips became popular in Holland in the 17th Century, and to be honest popular is not even the right word. Tulips became so expensive and precious during this period, that the epoque is even known as tulip mania.

Best Place to See Tulips in Holland

Spring in The Netherlands had arrived, and from not knowing anything about tulips, all of a sudden we started hearing everyone speaking about tulips. Then we started to see all sorts of pictures of tulip fields and tulip talk began to be the topic of conversation during spring. We then knew it was time for us to drive up north to Holland.

Holland Tulip Season

Tulip season begins at the end of March and it lasts until mid May. Tulips don’t always bloom in the same period. It really depends on how warm the weather has been or how much rain they have had. You need to follow closely the tulip blossoming predictions and head out there when it is likely that you will see a good amount already in bloom. So, we did our research and decided to go there at the end of April. In our experience, this is always the best time. You can also have a look in the Flower Radar to check the actual forecast.

Tulips in Amsterdam

We couldn’t miss the chance to experience seeing the tulip fields or visiting one of the most famous tulip gardens in the Netherlands, Keukenhof Gardens!

Tulip Festival

The Keukenhof Gardens are located in the city of Lisse, northern Holland, and they are the world’s biggest flower exhibition. All is just a 30 minute drive from Amsterdam.

We decided to go to the Keukenhof garden first, but on our way there we could already see many tulip fields around the area. We then passed by some of the tulip fields in Lisse.

When is Tulip Season in Holland

The garden itself is really beautiful but in here you can see many types of flowers not just tulips. If you really want to have the tulip fields experience the best is to cycle or drive or even walk around the tulip fields. There are several routes that you can follow to find tulips in bloom, but the majority of the tulips fields are located in the “Flower Strip” or “Bollenstreek”, area that goes from Leiden to Haarlem. You can find some suggestions for tulip field routes here.

Keukenhof Gardens Tulips

The Keukenhof Gardens are an amazing experience! They are all sorts of flowers there. And several kinds of tulips. More than 7 million flowers are inside so you can enjoy its beauty.

If you are planning a visit to Keukenhof, do buy your ticket in advance on their website . If you are going by car, there is parking there (with an additional fee, of course…).

Tulip Season in Amsterdam

There are several kinds of flowers at the Keukenhof, you can experience different exhibitions throughout the gardens. Some of the flowers are outdoors, and there is also a big indoor exhibition. There is even a Dutch windmill that you can go inside of and from there you can see hundreds of tulips lined up in the tulips fields next to the garden. The are also cafeterias and food stands inside so if you are planning to stay there for a long time you won’t even have to worry about getting hungry. There is even a petting zoo and small playground for kids.

Where to See Tulips in Holland
Where to See Tulips in The Netherlands

Keukenhof receives millions of visitors each year and it is no suprise why? If you are planning a visit to Holland, or simply would like to live a flowery experience, do not miss the chance to visit the espectacular Keukenhof Gardens.

Tulip Garden

The three of us enjoyed it very much!!! and we finally got to live our Dutch tulip experience.

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