The Heineken Experience Amsterdam

We have never been beer lovers, so the Heineken Experience was never on our list for “must visit attractions in Amsterdam”, that is why everytime we went to Amsterdam, we always skipped the visit to the Heineken Brewery. It wasn’t until we actually found out that kids can enter the Heineken Experience without drinking, of course, that we decided to buy tickets online for the Heineken Experience! And to be honest, it is probably one of the adventures that we have enjoyed the most in Amsterdam!

Heineken Experience Amsterdam Tickets

We weren’t sure what to expect from the Heineken Experience Amsterdam, as we don’t really like beer, and Jack is a kid.  However, it exceeded our expectations to the maximum! We really recommend the Heineken Experience to everyone! as it really is fun for both adults and kids, or at least Jack enjoyed it to the maximum. He laughed, he ran, he jumped around, and even learned some interesting facts like what is yeast or the history of some sports stars.

Heineken Experience Reviews

Children are allowed to enter the Heineken Experience for free (up to 11 years old) and enjoy as much as adults (minus the beer, but there is water and soda for them). 

Beer Tasting Heineken Experience

We strongly recommend you to buy heineken experience tickets online before your visit, as otherwise, there is quite a line to buy them at the entrance. Plus you can even get a heineken experience tickets discount for buying online. If you go to the first session, which is  at 10.30, you get a free Heineken Opener as a souvenir for free. You can book tickets for the Heineken Experience online in their website The Heineken Experience .

Heineken Experience No Line Ticket

Entering to the museum, getting into the world of beer, and having a little explanation of the brewery and how the company started was a lovely experience.

Heineken Beer History

We learned that the Heineken Brewery is the second largest brewery in the world! and some other very interesting facts about beer, and Heineken’s history. But to most amazing thing about the Heineken Experience Amsterdam is that it really awakens all of your senses with very cool interactive and multimedia experiences. So, this isn’t your typical museum visit ha ha, be prepared to live the experience to the fullest!  

Best Things to Do In Amsterdam Heineken Experience

Something very cool was to see the virtual Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken heir of Heinken and granddaughter of Gerard Adriaan Heineken (founder of Heineken Brewery). It looked so real, it really was very surprising to see how technology has evolved! 

We got an understanding of how the beer is made, we touched and smelled the ingredients, and we even saw the huge containers where the beer is prepared, getting a complete grasp of the entire Heineken beer making process.

Heineken Beer Barrels

We even tasted a drink (not beer yet) that Jack could enjoy, being it a mix of water with barley. Heineken Beer is made from four ingredients: barley, water, hops (a flower with a strong smell) and yeast.   By  extracting the sugars from barley, yeast turns the mix into alcohol and CO2, creating Heineken beer! This was surely interesting to learn!

Heineken Amsterdam
What to see in Amsterdam Heineken Experience

Years ago, Heineken beer was distributed with horses and nowadays to remember those times, there is still a horse barn with beautiful Irish horses that are not just gorgeous but really big! They take them out twice a day through the streets of Amsterdam, just like they used to be in the past. Jack loved seeing the horses!

Heineken Experience Amsterdam Buy Tickets

After we were amazed by the old traditions and how the brewery started, we were ready for the interactive and innovative part of the museum! Actually, the best part in our opinion! and it  can’t be denied that the Heineken Experience is indeed quite an unforgettable experience!

We entered a large room which had screens on top of us and it was like we were part of the process of Heineken beer making, we could actually feel Heineken beer being made, bubbles appearing, the liquid running, it was truly mesmerizing!  It really gets your adrenaline going! And right after that, voilà, a cold glass of freshly brewed Heineken beer! It really did taste like glory! (even though we don’t like beer ha ha)

Amsterdam Must See Tours Heineken

After that, the fun continued! an even larger room with large screens showing the packaging and bottling of the beer, just to proceed to a bunch of super cool mini experiences. 

Top 10 attractions in Amsterdam Heineken

We did all sorts of fun stuff, like have our pictures taken with multiple backgrounds, riding some stationary Dutch bicycles and singing to karaoke while observing our video on screen, watching the newest Heineken bottles that change color with light, and even playing bartender, were we learned that puring beer is indeed harder than it seems! Actually is not that easy! We needed to first clean the glass, then pour the beer at a 45 angle and shave the foam. Unfortunately Beca made a foam only beer milkshake, and Jaime only managed to fill the glass halfway, so we lost the challenge.

Heineken Beer Museum

Finally tasting Heineken beer! Your are entitled to get 2 beers with the pins that are stuck to the green bracelet you are handed at the entrance, for kids there are soda or water-  yes! of course there is a bar inside the Heineken museum- and although having a beer at 11 am was quite early, the taste of a fresh Heineken beer was amazing!

The sports experience was also fun to watch, and in general every single step of the Heineken Experience as a whole was beyond our expectations! We even got our own customized Heineken beer bottle! 

Heineken Beer Bottle

Last but not least, the souvenir shop is an obligated stop for beer lovers. Everything from Heineken special editions bottles, to shirts, cups, openers and more!!!

The Heineken Experience is a must in Amsterdam and you should not miss it! And as the Dutch say “Proost” (cheers)!


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