Jaime and Beca (us) are a young couple who are eager for travelling and Matcha green tea! We have managed to travel to places that we could have never imagined! Being all of them, a unique experience that is impossible to forget.

The name of the blog Visa Required comes out from our very first travel together, in which right about to start our honeymoon, Jaime was denied the opportunity to board the plane to Las Vegas, because his USA tourist visa was expired… and it was then when all of our crazy travel adventures began!

Despite the fact that we have a toddler, Jack, we have not limited ourselves from getting out there, even if it means 18 hour-long flights or 15 day-long cruises. The best part is that Jack has become an excellent travel companion! He loves to try new foods and he is as excited as we are about travelling! Regardless the early morning wake-ups or time difference. Even with jet lag, he is always the first one to have a smile and gets excited to know what we are going to explore during the day!

We are always trying to get to know more cultures and places whenever it is possible. And actually, this has made Jack become interested in different countries and their culture, making him a true citizen of the world since a young age!

We love to visit the local supermarkets and markets to get a better grasp of how locals eat or shop, and of course that as avid foodies we never skip the most typical foods and eateries! What can we do?! We love food, and we love to eat!

We plan each of our trips with a lot of research and detail, and usually with advise of local people, so we really manage to live nice experiences and enjoy the place as locals would. So, we are happy to share the tips with you!

We hope you will enjoy our adventures, and become a part of them while reading this travel blog!

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